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A New Experience . . .

Mega Mixable Live is an innovative mobile musical application unlike anything else on the market today.  Not only does it deliver a uniquely creative entertainment experience to anyone capable of using a touchscreen device, it provides end users with the means to unleash their true creative abilities thereby resulting in endless hours of quality musical enjoyment.

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'Unleash the CREATIVE in YOU'

The wait is over. Mega Mixable Live is now available on the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

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Mega Mixable Live will soon be published to the iOS store too. So don't worry iPhone and iPad users, we got you covered. 

Stand Out Features


Mega Mixable Live is designed from ground up to be responsive to just about any screen size including HDTV's. What this means is that your device is already catered to.

Top Performance

With excellent performance being one of the primary development goals, Mega Mixable Live responds exactly when you want it to and how you want it to without crashing on you. Seriously.

Unique Design

The table design has been thoroughly thought out to ensure that end users get the best possible visual as well as musical experience while being creative at the same time. 

Application Updates

End users of all versions of Mega Mixable Live are guaranteed to receive frequent application updates to ensure performance stays on top form. Furthermore there are many unannounced features that are currently in development.


Every theme is a colour. Every colour a personality. And every personality a name. With 28 unique themes at launch (and more on the way), end users can expect to 'GROOVE' to a different colour during each session. Sinister Blue ? Rubelite ? My Valentine ? Your choice.


Avatars allow you to customize your table with any photo of your choice which can be selected from your device at any time during a session. The best part ? You'll be provided with a 120 high quality avatars at launch. All for free !


To appeal to a much wider audience, Mega Mixable Live will launch with 16 different languages and more currently in development.

Musical Variety

There are 55 sound loops and over 28 different instrumental effects included at launch. Such a huge variety of samples made available to the end user during any given session provides vast possibilities for creativity.


Did you know you can change languages, change themes, scratch, change loops, volume control and Text-to-Speech without having to pull up a menu ? Real-time excellence coded for top class mobile performance. 

Standard vs Deluxe


Visit the avatar gallery and view over 120 (and counting) avatars designed exclusively for Mega Mixable Live (all versions). 

100% Free to download and use (with Mega Mixable Live ofcourse).


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